RCSremote saves changes

RCSremote is an application (app) for your phone or hand-held device that lets you control your NexGen Digital's station log. You can manipulate the log with play, pause, stop and fade and go. You can change the station you are controlling as well as switch between satellite, live assist and automated modes. Configure macros and record simple voice tracks into the system. RCSremote saves changes into the automation system's library.


  • VoiceTRAC directly into the queue
  • Control your NexGen Digital system, play, stop or add events
  • Monitor your active log
  • Available anywhere you have Internet connectivity
  • The touch screen technology makes it easy to use RCSremote with a simple tap of the finger

Technical Requirements

  • iPhone - OS 3.0 or newer installed.
  • iPad - Requires a second generation version or newer
  • iPod Touch - Requires a third generation version or newer iPod with OS 3.0 or above installed.
  • NexGen Digital - WANCasting must be installed and running with a network connection.


How do I obtain RCSremote?

Download the application on the Apple Store then contact Sales to add the RCSremote feature to your NexGen Digital configuration.

How does RCSremote connect to NexGen Digital?

Through standard Internet VPN connection you are able to control your active log. Simply enter your CPU IP address and port number and you are tied in.

Is RCSremote secure?

Yes, only users granted permission in the control room already in NexGen Digital have access to RCSremote.

Can I VoiceTRAC with RCSremote?

Certainly – WANcast your VoiceTRAC directly into the log by recording the bit and send to the studio.