A complete streaming package designed for demanding radio groups:

  • Administration portal with user management, customisable on demand
  • Listener reports designed for Radio people, per stream or aggregated for all sources
  • Compatible with the most popular audio Ad-providers for alternate Ads for your online streams
  • Multiple audio outputs at any quality and format – HLS, MPEG-DASH, HTTPs, F-MP4
  • No cross-platform restrictions, infinite scale for any number of sources and listeners

There are many Internet Radio service providers on the web; however, none offers the features and exceptional service that Revma does. As a professional station owner, reliability, up-time, and ease of use are important factors. Revma not only meets, but also continues to exceed my expectations. With three stations on their platform, it’s safe to say I am a very satisfied customer.

Chaye Alexander
Columbia, SC
Chayz Radio
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