The World's Largest Broadcast Software Company

The World's Largest Broadcast Software Company

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Perfect Rotations from Anywhere

Advanced Music Scheduling

Advanced Digital Playout

Advanced Digital Playout

Advanced New Production Software

Advanced News Production Software

World Class Support – Twenty-Four Seven

World Class Support – Twenty-Four Seven

Advanced digital radio automation

RCS introduces the most advanced digital radio automation system, Zetta ®. Being the world's largest broadcast radio software company for more than 30 years, has given RCS an advantage. Learn more...

Powerful multi-station scheduling

GSelector is the world's most powerful multi-station scheduling system. With a single point of entry, flexible configuration and the most up-to-date technology, GSelector is the newest way to create great schedules. Learn more...

Innovative traffic solution

Aquira is a powerful and highly flexible Traffic system designed for local and national sized radio businesses. With its modern user interface Aquira provides real time access to sales and inventory data, and a vast range of scheduling, billing, and reporting options. Learn more...

Comprehensive newsroom solution

RCS News ™ is a state-of-the-art radio newsroom system, providing solutions for your entire news operation from newscast gathering, writing and editing to actual on-air broadcast and story archiving. Learn more...

  • "The good folks at RCS are always there for us. No matter how stupid my questions have been, they have been patient with me and our Music Director, Bill Alexander, who actually asks the good questions."
    - Mike Johnson, OM, KMZT San Diego/Los Angeles

  • "We are very picky here at Lite 96.1 about our music rotation, song and artist separation. I mean VERY picky! I can't imagine what music scheduling would be like without Selector."
    - Ed Fairbanks, WEJZ Jacksonville, FL

  • "I would never program, or recommend programming, any radio station without Selector...that would be like not having a tower or transmitter!"
    - Keith Hill, President CEO, The UnConsultant

  • "To me, Selector is like a man. I spend a lot of time with him and then I want to get away for awhile. But when I go on vacation, I realize how much I miss him."
    - Elwira Drzewiecka, Music Director of Radio Plus Poland

  • "Selector has been my #1 since day one and continues to be the best in the business. Easy to read and practical. No nonsense control when it comes to coding and control while scheduling."
    - Wayne Watkins, PD WXRG Mississippi Media